The world’s largest model of the Miniatur Wunderland Railroad

Twin brothers Frederick and Gerrit Brown built the world’s longest railway model, with a total track length of about 12 kilometers. The £ 8 million miniature world, located in Hamburg, is the biggest attraction ever visited.
Frederick and Gerrit Brown have turned their childhood passion and fascination with the railways into a lucrative private museum called the Miniatur Wunderland, which has been visited by 1 million tourists over the past year.

Railroad enthusiasts can now enjoy views of six regions, including America, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Germany and the Austrian Alps. Traveling across America, tourists will see the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. Driving through Switzerland, we will see the famous Matterhorn mountain, and after visiting Scandinavia, we will enjoy the view of the fjords and see a huge cruise ship 4 feet long.

When the model is fully completed in 2014, it will be twice as long and will include France, Italy and the UK.

The Brown Brothers began working on the Miniatur Wunderland project in 2000. Their model now includes 700 trains, 10,000 carriages, 900 signaling devices, 2,800 buildings and 160,000 human figures. The railway installation is equipped with 250,000 light bulbs that automatically turn on and off to simulate day and night.

It took 500,000 hours, 700 kg of artificial grass and 4000 kg of steel to create a huge fictional city.
The territory on which this miracle model is located is so large that 160 employees work here, who conduct excursions to visitors.

“The idea was to build a world that would be equally amazed and admired by men, women and children alike,” the Brown brothers say. and discover the unknown.”

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